Welcome to SteBooks (Store eBooks), The virtual Shop of Old books in Microsoft Word(.DOCX) and PDF formats
for a Price between $2 and $10 per title.

(*) -The manuscripts are prepared in Microsoft Word [.Docx] and PDF formats (table of contents, titles, chapters, paragraphs, page breaks …) and ready to be transformed into ePub and Mobi-kindel ebooks.
(*) -The format Word (Docx) allows you to change the layout of the ebooks as you like and edit them for your own profits.
(*) – PDF format allows you to read your eBook on any computer (PC or Mac), tablet or eReader
(*) -The pages have no links, no advertising and no copyright.

Find among us a wide range of types of old ebooks ready to be used for your own profits:

*For your work, your studies, your website or blog..
*To give gifts to your customers
*To sell them on self-publishing platforms

SteBooks The Inexhaustible Source of Profits, Just Save You Time and Money!

All these titles are Fully sold in free rights, customizable Without any condition & Without any limit , and so you can become a lifetime and unreserved seller of your Own eBooks!
The PDF format is universal, it can be read on computers, tablets and mobiles. You can then RESELL them and develop a good SALARY COMPLEMENT!
The Word (Docx) format allows you to change the layout of the ebooks as you like and edit them for your own profits !
Why not take advantage of them now and thus generate significant revenue in full transparency directly from your home?

Payment is made by direct debit from the Paypal account or the credit card number of the User. The levy is implemented by Paypal, which alone retains the bank details of the User, to this end Store-eBooks does not retain any bank details.

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